Punches from the Past : Complete Season 3

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The complete PFTP season 3. Covering some of the most brutal, noteworthy, epic clashes from boxing's rich history.

10 episodes all available to download as individual audio files.

Hours of analysis, discussion and a few laughs along the way, featuring a variety of Boxing Asylum panel members.

Still want more? Each purchase now includes a *BONUS* live recording.

Fights include:

1. Carlos Zarate vs. Alfonso Zamora - the battle of the Z boys pitted two massive Mexican punchers together. Throw in a random punter straying in to the ring and it was prime entertainment.

2. Ken Norton vs. Larry Holmes - the old versus the new. Rugged veteran Ken Norton and bright hope Larry Holmes clashed for heavyweight world honours.

3. Pernell Whitaker vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Sr - a high-class southpaw mover against the iconic Mexican of his generation. the stuff super fights are made of.

4. Bob Foster vs. Chris Finnegan - one of the light-heavyweight greats, Bob Foster, defended his title against skilled English southpaw Chris Finnegan.

5. Graham Earl vs. Michael Katsidis - an Aussie puncher on the rise and an English stylist desperate for one last stab at glory. A fight so good that even the referee didn't want it to end.

6. William "Caveman" Lee vs. John LoCicero - the hipsters choice for a great fight from the small hall scene. Both were legitimate punchers with less-than-solid beards; neither left anything to chance.

7. Merqui Sosa vs. "Prince" Charles Williams - volatile Dominican Sosa and former world champion Prince Charles served up a treat. They dished up so much punishment that the doctor had to invent an ending to get them out of there alive.

8. John Murray vs. Kevin Mitchell - coming off the back of a world title loss, one-time red-hot prospect Kevin Mitchell was drinking at every last chance saloon. Murray had never stepped up to this level before. Cue fireworks.

9. Vicente Mosquera vs. Edwin Valero - how could go wrong with wildman Edwin Valero? The man who knocked out every opponent he faced, who killed his wife and lived a chaotic lifestyle worthy of an episode alone. Champion Mosquera could fight a bit too.

10. Ricardo Cordoba vs. Bernard Dunne - one of the greatest world titles of all time on Irish shores. Knockdowns, cuts, comebacks and a crazy crowd, this fight truly had it all.

Bonus >>> Roy Jones Jr Punchers from the Past Career Feature Special with journalist Brin-Jonathan Butler

Big boxing fan? Contact the Asylum if you wish to suggest a future episode topic or appear on the panel.

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All 10 episodes of PFTP season 3, plus a bonus recording


Punches from the Past : Complete Season 3

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